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At Bayside Eyecare, we have a great range of quality optical frames and sunglasses. Our collections are sourced from some of the world’s leading eyewear designers. Each of our frames has been hand chosen, so that we only supply the best styles in each collection. Our collections are also refreshed every 6-8 weeks to ensure that we always have the most popular styles in store. 

Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are often a useful alternative form of vision correction. These days, there are many options available from single use lenses, over night wear and multifocal contact lenses for those with poor reading vision.  If you have tried lenses in the past, and been unsuccessful, it may be worth chatting to our optometrists. Lens technology has changed, and many people are now finding that they can achieve the vision and comfort they desire in the modern lenses. 

Kids Eyes

Examining children’s eyes is what we do best and our Behavioural Optometrists have had extensive post graduate training in this area. Kids often report that our eye tests are heaps of fun. Some are even disappointed when the eye exam is over! We recommend regular eye examinations for all children- even those who see well. It’s important to make sure a child’s visual system is functioning optimally for learning. At Bayside Eyecare we also provide vision perception testing for children with suspected vision related learning difficulties, in-office vision therapy and myopia control.

Health Fund Direct Claiming : Hicaps- electronic health fund direct claiming. We can lodge your health fund claim direct with your fund. You will only need to pay the gap (if any). Call our practice or your health fund if you are unsure whether your fund is registered for electronic claiming.×

Eye Tests in Brighton

Regular eye tests are imperative for you and your family to enjoy optimal eye health. We rely on sight not only to complete everyday tasks, but also to learn and develop skills – this is especially the case for children.

Bayside Eyecare offers a range of eye care services, including children’s eye tests in Brighton. In fact, examining children’s eyes is what we do best at Bayside Eyecare. We have a team of behavioural optometrists with extensive post-graduate training in children’s eye care needs. For a quality eye test near you, call Bayside Eyecare.