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What are the different types of contact lenses?

Written by ProVision Eyecare With the latest advancements in contact lens material and design, there is now a large range of contact lenses for different wear schedules, prescriptions and preferences. These include: 1. Soft contact lenses 2. Rigid contact lenses 3. Daily disposable contact lenses 4. Daily wear contact lenses 5. Extended wear contact lenses […]

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Screen time leading to dry eyes in kids, report

Optometry Australia Written by ProVision Eyecare Everyone’s glued to their screens nowadays – phones, computers, iPads, laptops. But none more than our children who are being brought up in the digital age revealed Optometry Australia in their latest media release. (   One downside of all this digital time is that increasingly, children are suffering from […]

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Pseudo Myopia

Some children say that they have difficulties seeing the classroom board. Does that mean that they have myopia (shortsightedness)? Not necessarily. Difficulties seeing in the distance may be caused by a lesser-known condition referred to as pseudo myopia. Pseudo myopia causes difficulties in seeing things clearly in the distance as does myopia. However, unlike myopia, […]

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