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Kid’s Eye Tests

Want your active 3 yr olds eyes checked? Is your grade Two child holding their reader too close or squinting?

Optometrist Rebecca Jamieson has extensive experience in children’s vision and vision related learning problems. Rebecca has completed a Masters unit in Behavioural Optometry and is a member of the Australian College of Behavioural Optometry.

There are a number of key times in a child‘s life when eye examinations are recommended. These are at age 3.5, before starting school, grades 2 -3, year 6 and before commencing VCE or IB.

When considering making an appointment for your child, timing can play a critical role to ensure that even the most subtle vision imperfections are detected. For school age children, we recommend a time after school when the visual system is more fatigued. Preschool age children and toddlers are best seen when they are fresh- either first thing in the morning or after their daytime sleep. Appointments take up to 45 minutes and the children that we report that they’re heaps of fun!

If your child is having difficulties reading or learning, a visual perceptual assessment would be recommended. A visual perceptual assessment explores how the brain processes visual information.

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