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I used to be one of those people who other people came to to thread a needle or read the fine print on a label. That was before a certain milestone birthday! (You know, the one that rhymes with sporty?)

Since then, I have been in search of seeing things as clearly as I used to. My journey back to 20/20 vision started with a mild prescription just for reading small print or threading needles.  I had heard of myopia (short sightedness), but I had become  “presbyopic”, an age-related condition where your eye’s ability to focus actively on nearby objects diminishes.

As the birthdays have piled up, my glasses have needed to satisfy an increasing number of applications – reading printed matter, computer screens, mobile phone , and be able to look at someone without perching said spectacles on the end of my nose! The single vision reading glasses I purchased in my early forties were no longer adequate for this increasing number of tasks. Thankfully I started work at Bayside Eyecare and discovered there were other ways to solve my vision problems!

After a bit of perseverance, I have adapted to multifocal glasses to help me at work. My day consists of looking at customers, using the computer and reading documents. I can walk around with my glasses on so I lose them less frequently and more importantly I can see things clearly! In consultation with one of the optical dispensers at Bayside Eyecare, we selected a multifocal spectacle lens specifically designed for people who do a lot of screen work as this was a large part of my day to day. 

You might find that like me you also need multiple pairs of glasses for dedicated work. Single vision readers  ( invaluable when reading in bed as they give you a greater field of vision), a digital pair for the office with a blue filter to help block blue light from your computer screen, a pair of golf sunnies which have a small area of magnification to help you see the score card…the list is endless!

Make an appointment to see one of our lens experts to discuss your individual needs. Call 03 9909 5329  or contact us.

The right spectacle lens can make such a big difference to productivity and visual comfort!