Amended business hours- March 2020

Bayside Eyecare will be available for emergency eye care needs only during this period. Eye examinations will be available on a Monday, Wednesday and Saturday morning only.

Please call us on 9596 1238 or email [email protected] to be allocated an appointment time.

What is an emergency eye care need?

It is a sudden change in vision, broken glasses, recent onset flashes or floaters. If you have red, watery eyes we will need the practitioner to discuss symptoms further with you over the phone as covid-19 has been found to present as viral conjunctivitis in some instances.

Our laboratory is still manufacturing spectacles so if you have some on order we will contact you when they arrive

Contact lenses can be shipped directly to your home please order via our website or via the contact details above

We are committed to looking after the health of our staff and clients and so we have implemented these measures. Thank you for your understanding. Stay well

Optometrist In Bentleigh

Seeking an “optometrist near me” in Bentleigh that can provide you with quality optical care? Bayside Eyecare’s optometrist for Bentleigh customers offer all the services you’ll need for comprehensive eyecare. Our services cater to all individuals, no matter their age. In addition, our talented team have extensive experience in helping children with their eye care needs. If you’re looking for an experienced optometrist near you, contact Bayside Eyecare.

Eye Tests In Bentleigh

Research suggests that one in five children has a problem with their vision. It is not uncommon for children to be unaware that something is wrong with their vision. In order for your child to reach their visual potential, regular eye examinations for Bentleigh children are recommended.

A child’s eyesight should be tested at three-and-a-half-years of age and again before starting school. It’s also important that children have regular eye examinations throughout their schooling due to changes in visual demands in the classroom.

Contact Lenses Bentleigh

If you’re looking for quality contact lenses near Bentleigh, look no further than Bayside Eyecare. Our great range of modern contact lenses are comfortable and will provide you with an unparalleled sharpness of vision. Our optometrists can prescribe disposable contact lenses including single use and multifocal contacts. Myopia control contacts and Ortho K contact lenses are also popular options for children who are keen to slow down myopia (short-sightedness).