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Optometrist In St Kilda

Searching for the best “optometrist near me” in St Kilda? Bayside Eyecare offer all the quality optometry services you and your family need for optimum optical health. Our services cater to all ages. Our team of friendly, skilful practitioners have extensive experience treating children. Our clinicians have established strong ties to the local community. For your family optometrist near St Kilda, contact Bayside Eyecare.

Top St Kilda Optometrist Services

Every parent wants their child to excel in the classroom. To excel, your child’s visual system needs to develop normally, meeting key developmental milestones. Poor eyesight often plays a dramatic role in learning difficulties, so regular eye tests are crucial. We offer the full range of services your child will need, including behavioural optometry assessments, myopia management, visual perceptual assessments and vision therapy. Visit an optometrist near you in St Kilda.

Eye Tests

Eye tests are essential at certain key stages of a child’s development. Before school, you should test your child’s eyesight to make sure they can perform optimally in the classroom. Visual demands change as children get older. Regular eye examinations enable parents to identify if poor visual skills are impacting their child’s academic progress. For quality, timely eye tests St Kilda families can visit Bayside Eyecare.

Contact Lenses

When it comes to premium care in contact lenses St Kilda customers should trust in the experience of Bayside Eyecare. Our practitioners have access to a wide range of contact lenses enabling them to choose the best fitting lens for your eye. We strive to provide you with clear vision and comfortable contact lenses. New multifocal contact lenses are also available for people who have problems with their reading vision. Allow 45 mins for a contact lens fitting appointment.

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