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Optometrist In Elwood

Seeking an “optometrist near me” that provides quality services to you and your family? Bayside Eyecare provides the full range of optometry services bayside, catering to all ages, but with extensive experience treating children. For their local optometrist Elwood customers can contact Bayside Eyecare.

Top Elwood Optometrist Services

Timely development of a child’s visual system ensures children have the appropriate skills at the right age to perform well in the classroom. It is possible that a child will be asked to perform certain tasks – learning to read, for example – which they may not have developed the skills for yet. To track your child’s visual skills development, you can book in for a visual perceptual assessment with Bayside Eyecare. A visual perceptual examination assesses skills such as visual memory skills, visual spatial skills; it tracks eye movements and compares them to age-expected norms.

Eye Tests

Eye tests are essential at certain key stages of a child’s development. At three-and-a-half-years of age we recommend a child’s first eye examination. This should be followed up with another examination prior to starting school. Visual demands change as children progress through their schooling and so regular eye examinations are important to make sure the visual system is functioning optimally. If you’re booking an eye examination for a younger child, it’s important to consider what time of the day they are most alert, mornings and after a nap are best. For quality, timely eye tests Elwood families can visit Bayside Eyecare.

Contact Lenses

When it comes to premium care in contact lenses, Elwood customers should trust in the experience of Bayside Eyecare. Whether you’re already a wearer of contact lenses and are looking for an upgrade, or you’re a newcomer to the world of contact lenses, we have a solution that will improve your vision comfortably.

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